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Origin:  Australia


Genres:  Hard Rock, Fuzz, Garage, Punk, Grunge, Pop


Years Active:  2013- Present





Everything built to the crescendo with Grasshole, and these guys meant absolute business. The “Fuzz of Flavour” album is fresh, it’s an almighty good listen, and absolutely crushed it at Cherry Bar. 

There’s something about opening track “The Reckoning” that made you want to reach out and grab it with both hands and put it on repeat. Another thing, too: the album sounds 100-fold better live on the stage, like vocalist/guitarist Karis Hawkins, and drummer Rick Hawkins had a brainwave to make it so. It’s not always often such a thing occurs, but it has here. 

It’s done so well and still captures the essence of rock and plenty of flavour is packed into one setlist. Grasshole blew the Cherry roof off with “Game of Drones”, by far the hardest-hitting track on the album – their encore met with shouts of “one more!” – twice! 



“Melbourne, Australia's alternative fuzz rock band Grasshole delivers a solid full-length debut album, complete with 13 diverse tracks, heavy-hitting guitar riffs, pulse-pounding drum beats, rhythmic bass, and dynamic vocals throughout. Grasshole prove that Grunge is alive and well for a new socially conscious generation with their debut full-length offering, 'Fuzz of Flavour.'” 



So now let me introduce you to Australia’s Grasshole because if you like anything from grunge, to agit Pop to even Britpop and Britrock then you are going to love Grasshole. A lot. 

What really stands out on this album is the sheer inventiveness and the diversity of the songs. You simply do not know what is going to come next. When I listen to Grasshole I hear so much of what I loved but in no way does it feel like this is the just treading over the same ground, it feels like a tribute to a great period of music. 

A great record with many, many great moments to enjoy. 



“With The Bennies, Dune Rats & King Gizzard making waves, it was only a matter of time before a new act made a huge splash in the stoner/ grunge rock world”  



This band from Melbourne, Australia mix a whole lot of different styles to brew their own very special concoction. As I listen to this it starts to grab me by the balls. There is a charm to this that I find harder and harder to resist the deeper I get. This is after all a really cool rock album. If you don’t mind a handful of different references you too will find this highly entertaining. 



Fuzz of Flavour is the brand new album by Melbourne rock trio Grasshole. Now these guys have already made quite a name for themselves, with their first two EP’s receiving worldwide acclaim and getting airplay all over the US, it’s no surprise that this latest album is already taking off for the band. 

The album opens up with one of my personal favourites “The Reckoning”. As a guitarist myself I can’t help but appreciate the haunting guitar work on not just this track but the entire album. 


“The band Grasshole has come a long way in the two releases we’ve worked for them over the last 

year. As someone with a long history of introducing artists into the U.S. and Canadian markets I can 

tell you it’s not an easy thing to do most of the time. That wasn’t the case however with 


The initial reaction to the band was phenomenal. With over fifty stations coming on board to 

support the album and many of those charting the album in their top 20 weekly charts. That 

amount of support is impressive for a band that no one in the market has heard of until the cd arrived on his or her door. 

It was with the second release from the band though that we really saw the band’s reputation and 

success land at radio. After sending the second album to the stations we immediately saw stations 

jump to play the music. The new songs shot up to Top 5 at all the stations that previously played 

the Debut EP, and Top 30 in the charts at over 25 new stations... Incredibly, the release 

debuted at #1 Top position at 3 US radio stations! 

That kind of progress is always amazing to see when working with a band. Few bands progress that 

quickly in the fickle US market as quickly as Grasshole has - and we can’t wait to hear what’s 

next from them.” 



Grasshole are a shit-ton of fun! Never so serious that you lose interest, but never so silly that you forget what incredible musos they are. "Fuzz of Flavour" is the debut us fans have been waiting for; from bruising opener "The Reckoning", through stoner, reggae, groove and heavy, all the way to nostalgic closer "The Green Dream."  

This is the kind of debut you wish you wrote and the kind of album you'll want to come back to again and again - so inhale, hold it, and enjoy the "Fuzz of Flavour!” 



"FUZZ OF FLAVOUR" does a bloody good job of mixing their unique blend of grunge & punk rock riffs into a 45-minute GRASSTERPIECE"  

- Clint Brice, RADIO ADELAIDE (SA) 



“It’s driven, but still melodic; aggressive at times, but still generally playful at its core.”  



“Fragile is incredibly driven and progressive but retains a momentum of past rock antics from their contemporaries such as Joe Strummer” 



Bookings & Media Enquiries 
Karis Hawkins (Australia) 

M: +61 413 022 263   




Renate & Steve Iorio (Europe) 

M: +49 173 6727 258

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